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Capture you trip to Oahu with this artistic yet accurately carved Hawaiian island.

The Island of Oahu, known as the “Gathering Place” has the busy nature of a bustling city and yet the sharp contrast of unmatched natural beauty all encompassed within in a single Hawaii island. Excellent beaches, sights such as Pearl harbor, and other attractions are readily seen. The valleys, bays, and mountains are all seen on the islands here..
As with the island chains, a screw or nail can be used, and the island will hang nearly flush against your wall.
The island or entire island chain is offered in Mango Wood, Koa Wood, and several metal finishes.


The Hawaiian Islands Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before.

When we think of the Hawaiian Islands the one that comes to mind for everybody is generally Oahu, because this is the most filmed and photographed of all the islands. Oahu is the third largest of the islands in the chain and is also home to the State Capitol, Honolulu. Of course, no discussion of Oahu would be complete without talking about its luminous beaches, its status as a surfing mecca and its beautiful climate from which many treasures come.

One of these great treasures is the Acacia Koa tree which grows on six of the main Hawaiian Islands, including Oahu, but nowhere else on the planet. Preferring to colonize volcanic soil up to 7500 feet, this species can grow up to 100 feet in height and six feet in diameter. This amazing tree is highly prized and sought after by woodworkers for its unparalleled beauty. With colors ranging from gold to dark brown and everything in between, this wood is as rare and expensive as it is beautiful.


Several Materials and Sizes Offered

Not surprisingly, then, many collectors love to have a memento of their favorite island rendered in Koa wood. Think of a dazzling Koa outline of Oahu in your favorite room, how the light plays off its translucent colors in a way that no other wood can duplicate. Now think of the Hawaiian Island chain rendered in Koa wood; all eight islands created in fine detail and adorning a special place in your life — the complexity of their profiles brought into living relief.

Some of the finest Koa and Mango wood renditions of the islands that are available here sold by the artist directly.

Metal Finishes Offered
(Listing in progress–please contact us for additional information for our metal finish single islands)

You may also have your Hawaiian Islands wall art in a metal finish (see the “Metal Finish” product tab for more info) which results in a lightweight and easy to hang piece of artwork.  The beauty of the islands can be expressed in copper, bronze, iron or an aluminum finish.  Each metal finish island chain is lightweight, easy to hang, and features excellent detail.  Every Hawaiian island will have a metal finish on their edges and face, however, the back of the islands are black, and feature a hand brushed pattern.


Why The Hawaiian Islands?

Hawaii has always created a strong hold on those who visit it. The lure of the islands is so strong that they continually are among the most popular vacation spots in the world. The plush foliage, the array of sand beaches, the calm atmosphere and sense of peace these islands bring simply cannot be duplicated. Hawaii is a true world treasure whose natural beauty fills one’s senses.

Perhaps among the most profound aspects of Hawaii are its active volcanoes, without which the islands could not have come to be. The unique shape and size of each of the Hawaiian Islands in the chain is a direct result of the volcanoes. The lava that created Oahu and the other islands has been pouring out for millions of years and each flow differs in consistency and intensity from one to the next. That such extraordinary beauty comes from such an extraordinarily powerful force only adds depth to the unique mystery that is Hawaii. Like the lava fields of these great islands, no one can visit the same Hawaii twice.


Available in a Range of Sizes

Maui is available on its own or as part of the set. The single island of Oahu is available in sizes of 9″ & 11″. When you purchase this sculpture, you will receive the required hanging hardware, and detailed instructions on how the wall sculpture should he hung. 

So if you are looking for a way to preserve your Hawaiian (or Oahu!) memories then this may present the ideal option. It is sleek, stylish, and can be tamed to match your color scheme. Bring a little of Hawaii to your home today, safe in the knowledge that your piece was crafted with great care and full dedication.


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  1. Very high quality. Looks great in our Maui home.

  2. Hi Josh, I meant to write to you sooner, to let you know that I received the island chain. It’s really beautiful, and I can’t wait to put it up on a wall, at my next house, wherever that may be. Thanks Again, Aloha, G

  3. Excellent little replacement piece, thanks a ton!!!

  4. Thanks so much!

  5. The quality and description were great. However, I thought it would be bigger and heavier, and more substantial. I had seen it as a display in a store on Oahu, but it must have been $6000, if what I got was $1100.

Lead Time and Shipping


Lead Time & Fulfillment Information

Lead Time:

  • All orders are shipped within 8 weeks unless otherwise noted; as each piece is typically made to order and quality is emphasized over quantity. 

Fulfillment Information:

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      • We are able to use your choice of carrier but primarily work with UPS for all of our shipment needs.
      • Custom signage such as coordinates and names are offered.

Carriers & Shipping Methods

Shipping Within The USA:

  • All Hawaii island chain sets within the USA will by default be shipped
    VIA UPS Air Mail and require a signature for delivery.
  • UPS Air Mail
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    • A signature is required for delivery due to the value and difficulty in crafting each piece of artwork. 
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International Buyer Disclaimer

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  • In the unlikely situation a package is damaged, lost, delayed, or stolen we will do our absolute best to ensure the situation is rectified.
    However, we are not responsible for carrier delays, security of your delivery locations, and unable to control how artwork is handled.
    Our goal is your complete satisfaction and our success is determined through transparency.

Metal Finish Process and Selection

Metal Finishes

Several options are offered for those who are interested in a modern yet time tested metal finish.
Such Hawaii Island Chains are created using modern materials which are manufactured in the USA and the end result is a bonded metal piece which boasts the benefits of a solid cast sculpture–without the weight, cost, or otherwise the burden of such an undertaking.
The surface is approximately 90% metal on the face and edges of the island; the backs of the islands are black, and an entire 68″ size island chain weighs under 12 pounds.

Metal finishes are in Copper, Bronze, Aluminum, & Iron–with additional available on request.

As with most artwork handmade there will be some variances in color, texture, and shine.

However, as one may notice there are numerous photos online of the island chains, and of course–the artist is more than willing to provide photos, and even material samples on request if desired.  Such variances result from the hand mixing of materials, the source of the raw materials, the amount of hand polishing each island receives, and how the patina is applied/removed if such an option is selected.

Oahu Hawaii Wood Art

Copper, Bronze, Aluminum, & Iron. Left to Right

Hanging Locations and Care

Wood Hawaii Island Artwork

Wood should always be hung indoors and not exposed to excessive or long terms spans of high humidity or temperature fluctuations due to the hygroscopic nature of such a natural material. With lacquer finish maintenance is not required or suggested; moreover, a burnished oil finish shouldn’t be waxed or recoated.

Bonded Metal Finish Hawaii Island Artwork

Metal finish island chains should be kept under cover and away from salt spray–as the wax finish may degrade and allow the bonded metal surface to oxidize.

Wax Finish

Wax finish is long lasting and should require minimal to no maintenance if kept indoors away & away from salt spray or mist.

Lacquer Finish

A lacquer finish will degrade slower, however, it is best advised to keep the piece under cover, and out of the elements such as deeply within the recesses of a covered patio or Lani.

Industrial Catalyzed Finish

Designed by a renowned sculpture and metal finish company this finish is resistant to even salt spray.
This coating takes significant labor to apply, requires additional precautions, and will add 2-3 weeks to the lead time along with a 15% to 30% additional cost.
The finish is only offered on request and additional information is show below.

Please Specify the Application in the Order Notes!

Regardless of your finish choice the hanging hardware can be upgraded so it is more corrosion resistant.
Moreover, if you’re unsure of which finish to purchase please feel free to contact us anytime and you will recieve a prompt response.

(No guarantee is offered or implied if a set is hung outside, however, additional finish options, and a maintenance schedule is offered on request)

Can I hang your artwork outside under cover?

For an outdoor covered patio or Lani I would recommend a metal finish set as they are relatively inert and will better handle temperature & humidity compared to my wood artwork. Strong wind, constant direct sunlight, and salt spray are other considerations to take into account.
The islands have a resin core and a bonded metal finish on their faces & edges–the surface is sealed with either wax, lacquer, or an industrial catalyzed finish (on request) to prevent oxidization.
All considered the composite/bonded metal surface looks like metal since it’s mostly metal with a binder and therefore once the finish starts to degrade the surface may start to patina/oxidize
If you’re in an environment with no salt spray, relatively dry, and minimal sun/rain exposure then the wax finish should serve you well for a few years with the islands eventually requiring more wax.
However, if there’s some exposure or moisture then a lacquer finish is a consideration and would fair better.

What about salt spray or significant exposure?

In the case of significant exposure and/or salt spray a two part catalyzed finished is highly recommended.
The website shows pricing for both the wax finish and lacquer, however, due to the inherent difficulty in sourcing and applying the two part catalyzed finish there is an additional 15%-30% charge for this process.

How does wax compare to a lacquer or an industrial finish?

If you change from a wax finish to a film based finish it will result in a thicker coating–so more shine will result and the surface will look less “raw” in appearance.