Capture you trip to Oahu with this artistic yet accurately carved Hawaiian island.
Every piece of Koa wood is hand selected. Each Hawaiian island after being carved is sanded to 320 grit sand paper. Then the piece receives a multi step processes of buffing, sanding, finishing with tung oil and gets a final topcoat of lacquer.

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(Island pictured is of mango, but only offered in Koa. Please reference to the Koa Island chains for color, and grain style)

The Island of Oahu, known as the “Gathering Place”  has the busy nature of a bustling city and yet has the sharp contrast of nature all in a single island. Excellent beaches, sights such as Pearl harbor, and other attractions are readily seen. The valleys, bays, and mountains are all seen on the islands here.. As always with the work here, the finish quality, and selection of wood is excellent. Koa wood is hard to source for the larger and thicker islands such as the Big Island, yet with effort, and time such pieces are found then carved into fine pieces of koa woodwork.
As with the island chains, a screw or nail can be used, and the island will hang flush against your wall.

Please feel free to call or text (808)-640-8386 if you have any questions about the artwork shown here between 6AM to 4PM Hawaii Time.


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