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The Magnificent Island of Maui

Each island in the Hawaiian Island Chain is stunning in its own way, but Maui is one of the most cherished places on earth. Whether this is because of the long stretches of sandy beach, or whether it is because of the thunderous power of the Haleakala volcano; we do not know. What we do know is that those who have spent a vacation snorkeling around Molokini might treasure a commemorative piece of authentic, traditional Hawaiian wall décor, to firm those memories in their minds forever.

We present the Island of Maui recreated in both Big Island grown hardwoods and metal finishes in stunning detail. Maui can be purchased on its own or as part of our greater set of Hawaiian Islands. The set of eight islands is akin to a fully featured Hawaii Island map, topographically correct in every detail. 


Geographically Correct Hawaiian Wall Art

Our artist takes immense pride in recreating every minute detail of the land masses around the island. These islands are naturally volcanic, and this presents a myriad of valleys and gulches, mountains and plateaus. Every single one of these can be traced to our Hawaiian Island wall sculptures. From the summit of the volcano right to the shores of the sandiest beach; Maui is perfectly preserved.


Maui in Koa Wood, Mango Wood or Metal Finish

Of the choice of materials; all of the woods so meticulously shaped by the artist are hand-picked from the Big Island of Hawaii. The choice in woods is Mango wood; a deep cultured wood which has significant character, or Koa wood, native and endemic to the islands themselves. 

Koa wood is the more sought after of these two materials. It is protected by law and sports seeds which will only germinate when the area is sparse of other trees. Any Koa wood wall art sculptures we make feature Koa wood that has fallen naturally. The Mango wood is grown on the Big Islands and receives an oil based sealer for enhanced color. We use the center of aged Mango trees, since this is where the delightful heartwood is found.

You may also have your Hawaiian Islands wall art in a metal finish (see the “Metal Finish” product tab for more info) which results in a lightweight and easy to hang piece of artwork. The choices here are between the solid, steadfast silver of iron, or the more chrome-like high shine of aluminum. You can also choose to have either copper or bronze used to make your wall art piece; and each will bring the glimmer of opulent gold to your home.

The metal finish is on the faces and edges of the island, however, the back of the island will be black, and have a hand brushed finish. The last listing photo shows a sample of: Copper, Bronze, Aluminum, & Iron. Left to Right


Available in a Range of Sizes

Maui is available on its own or as part of the set. The single island of Maui is available in sizes of 5.75″,  9.1″, 10.75″. When you purchase this sculpture, you will receive the required hanging hardware, and detailed instructions on how the wall sculpture should he hung. 

So if you are looking for a way to preserve your Hawaiian (or Maui!) memories then this may present the ideal option. It is sleek, stylish, and can be tamed to match your color scheme. Bring a little of Hawaii to your home today, safe in the knowledge that your piece was crafted with great care and full dedication.

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  1. Very high quality. Looks great in our Maui home.

  2. Hi Josh, I meant to write to you sooner, to let you know that I received the island chain. It’s really beautiful, and I can’t wait to put it up on a wall, at my next house, wherever that may be. Thanks Again, Aloha, G

  3. Excellent little replacement piece, thanks a ton!!!

  4. Thanks so much!

  5. The quality and description were great. However, I thought it would be bigger and heavier, and more substantial. I had seen it as a display in a store on Oahu, but it must have been $6000, if what I got was $1100.