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The time tested brilliance of copper coupled with modern materials and elegance — featuring a bonded metal surface that depict the Hawaii islands in a brilliant and lightweight medium.
All eight major Hawaiian Islands are included. Hanging is simple due to the set’s lightweight composite nature along with included hanging hardware and template.

Each island features the metal finish on their edges and faces; however, the back of the islands are black, and have a hand brushed finish.

We offer our metal finish artwork in a single size which is 68″x40″ (173x102cm) for the entire island chain.


Capture the beauty of the Aina and it’s topography with bonded metal finish sculptures of all the major 8 Hawaiian islands.  The islands are captured within the brilliance of a bronze, copper, iron, or aluminum finish, given a thorough hand polishing, and finally a UK sourced museum grade wax is applied.  Each Hawaiian island features a bonded layer of metal on the face, and edges–the benefits of a beautiful metal finish without the cost & weight of foundry cast artwork at under 10LB (4.5kg) for an entire 68″ set.

(For additional information about the process/material please read this article here: Metal Hawaii Island Wall Art or click on the information tabs within this page)

(Copper, Bronze, Aluminum, & Iron. Left to Right. Third Listing Photo)

My island chains feature all the main Hawaiian Islands including Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau and Kahoolawe. (We have a single size for the metal finish artwork at this time)

  • 68″ Island Chain Size: 68″x40″ (173x102cm)
    Big Island Span:18.2″ (46cm)

“Island Chain Size” is the size of the entire island chain in length and width.
If you were to take a Hawai’i state map with tight margins, unroll it, and hang it on your wall–that would be the size of your Hawaii wall art.

“Big Island Span” is the size of the Big Island.
If you took a tape measure to the Big Island this would be the greatest measurement you could find.

If desired hanging template(s) can be ordered for a modest amount for sizing purposes which includes hanging hardware, instructions, and the selected size(s) chosen.

The sculptures were made from a carved Koa Hawai’i island chain and feature similar detail.  They feature hand buffed museum grade wax finish on-top of the metal gel coat and are back-filled with a high strength resin.  Pictured is the museum wax option, however, a lacquer specifically made for artwork is also offered for those who want such a finish.

Every Hawaiian island chain includes hanging hardware, a template, and written instructions.
They are easily hung with typical screws or nails, and the islands will hang flush against your walls.
If a picture can be hung on your wall than an entire island chain can easily be hung on any wood or drywall.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and you will be responded to within 1-3 business days.

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  1. Very high quality. Looks great in our Maui home.

  2. Hi Josh, I meant to write to you sooner, to let you know that I received the island chain. It’s really beautiful, and I can’t wait to put it up on a wall, at my next house, wherever that may be. Thanks Again, Aloha, G

  3. Excellent little replacement piece, thanks a ton!!!

  4. Thanks so much!

  5. The quality and description were great. However, I thought it would be bigger and heavier, and more substantial. I had seen it as a display in a store on Oahu, but it must have been $6000, if what I got was $1100.

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