Big Island of Hawai’i


This piece spans 10.75″ across and is 1.3″ thick. It is offered in Koa wood and select clad metal finishes.


Paint the Hawaii Island on canvas and you’ve got a memory that you cannot erase, but capture the topography on wood and you’ll have a carved wall artwork that captures the stunning natural simplicity of these islands- with no details spared.

Big Island Hawaii is the largest and youngest island in the Hawaiian chain; it’s inspirational and its art is distinctive. The amazing beaches and incredible biodiversity has tempted many an artist to represent it in artwork, but few have succeeded in capturing the minute details to the exact nicety that Hawaii Wood Art has. At, quality takes on a unique hue and our artwork is extremely affordable.

Each island is sanded meticulously and a few coats of oil are rubbed on them with buffing between coats. Finally two satin lacquer top coats are applied to give it the vivacity that the islands are known for. Only the natural color and grain of the woods is used.

Some artists have tried their hand at immortalizing the beauty of the Big Island of Hawaii in Koa wood, but no one has yet to match the price, detail, and quality our Hawaiian islands sold here.

Whether you’re a casual tourist that’s entranced by the sandy beaches and upscale resorts or a backpacker and hiker that relishes in the trails that go through Hawaii’s diverse forests, you want something to take back as a memento. Hawaiian wood art is the perfect place for this for here you get more than a token, you get to actually showcase the islands themselves in all their glory.

Hang the wood art on your wall and you’re sure to feel that you’ve never really left the archipelago, even though you’re now miles away. Our Hawaiian islands will hang flush against any wall; with a screw or nail, just like our Hawaiian island chains which our customers deem very easy to hang.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions such as details about the artwork or if you need a set sooner.