• Koa Hawaii Island Chain Wall Art Set

    Koa Hawaiian island chain sculptures of the 8 major Hawaiian islands.

    Finely crafted from hand selected Koa wood that's grown on the Big Island of Hawaii. Every island, board, and Koa tree has a different story to tell.

    Wood is a natural material and can vary in tone, color, grain, and density -- as one can note throughout the website's photos of Koa Wood Hawaiian Island Chains.

    Each Hawaiian Island Chain includes a hanging template, hardware (drywall & wood walls), and straightforward instructions–for the best experience possible.
  • Oahu


    Capture you trip to Oahu with this artistic yet accurately carved Hawaiian island. The Island of Oahu, known as the "Gathering Place" has the busy nature of a bustling city and yet the sharp contrast of unmatched natural beauty all encompassed within in a single Hawaii island. Excellent beaches, sights such as Pearl harbor, and other attractions are readily seen. The valleys, bays, and mountains are all seen on the islands here.. As with the island chains, a screw or nail can be used, and the island will hang nearly flush against your wall. The island or entire island chain is offered in Mango Wood, Koa Wood, and several metal finishes.
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