Hanging and Care 68″ Size2018-10-11T19:41:08+00:00

Tape the brown paper template to where you would like to hang the set (using low stick “blue tape”, etc), transfer the dot positions using a sharp instrument, and then finally position/insert the appropriate fasteners for each island.

The Big Island uses a drywall anchor which fits within the T-Slot. Oahu, Kauai, and Maui use the included drywall screws or other fastener of your choice which can adhere to the countersunk magnets (also featured in my “Large Koa” sets which are in the hundreds as of now).

The smaller islands such as Kahoolawe, etc–they use tacks and the included map with the template can aid in positioning of each island

Note: The drywall screws are inserted enough so they contact the countersunk magnet and the island hangs relatively flush against your wall.

For the included drywall anchor it’s advisable to predrill the hole; as although the manufacturer says such isn’t necessary–I personally feel it is worth the small effort in doing so. All fasteners and hardware included are suggested in good faith by the artist, however, every hanging situation differs, and therefore the ultimate decision is by the customer.

The islands are backfilled with urethane and feature a metal:resin gelcoat or “bonded” finish.
Museum wax finishes should last an exceedingly long time, and requires no care if kept indoors.