Artwork should be easy to hang, however, it must also do so in an aesthetically pleasing manner (nearly flush to the wall), and with security of the artwork in mind.  Therefore, these instructions, and fasteners are in place to help a prospective or current customer know how to hang a 68″ size Hawaii Island chain wall art set by the artist.  Between the quality metal finish on the edges/faces of the Hawaiian islands, the ease of hanging, a lightweight design, and a reasonable price–these are likely the best choice if you would like to hang a Hawaiian Island chain.  With such said below are a slightly simplified set of the instructions and a full version will be included with any relevant purchase.

  1. Consider your hanging location–excessive direct exposure to the elements is not advisable.  Be certain to read through the instructions and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the artist.

  2. Tape the brown paper template to where you would like to hang the set.

    (Using low stick “blue tape”, etc)
    (The included map with template can aid in the positioning of each island)

  3. Transfer the dot/star positions using a sharp instrument or pen that can mark through the paper.

  4. Identify the hardware used for each island, install the hardware, and hang the islands:

    1. Included is a bag of 2x wall anchors and screws–one for the Big Island and one spare.

    2. A bag with several tacks are included for smaller islands.

    3. A bag with shorter drywall screws and longer ones are included.
      One can use either, however, both are included for customer’s convenience.

  5.  Big Island Hanging:

    1. The Big Island uses a drywall anchor which fits within the island’s internal T-Slot.

      For the included drywall anchor it’s advisable to pre-drill the hole; as although the manufacturer mentions such isn’t necessary–I personally feel it is worth the small effort in doing so.

    2. Once the plastic drywall anchor is installed insert the screw so that it can be inserted into the T Slot and that the Big Island can hang properly on the wall.

  6.  Hanging Oahu, Kauai, Maui, & Molokai:

    1. Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and Molokai use drywall screws.

    2. Screw the drywall screws into the correct marks where Oahu, Kaua’i, and Maui go.  Be sure not to screw the drywall screw all the way in, but keep it off the wall far enough to go into the hole of the island’s magnet.

    3. Insert screws enough so they contact the countersunk magnet and that the island hangs relatively flush against your wall.

    4. Molokai requires the screw to be set flush against your wall.

    5. The islands may require slight adjustments by turning/backing the screws in and out in small increments.

    6. If desired different or longer flat headed magnetic screws can be used depending on one’s needs.

  7. The smaller islands such as Lanai, Ni’ihau, and Kahoolawe:

    1. These islands feature flush/flat “set” magnets–such use tacks, and the islands stick directly to them.  All the smaller islands are lighter and therefore merely stick to the tacks. Hammer the tacks flush to the wall, and hang the islands. Molokai can be hung with either tacks or a drywall screw.

    2. If desired longer or wider headed fasteners can be used.
      As before one’s own hardware can be used depending on the need.

  8. Metal Finish Hawaiian Island Chain Care and Maintenance:

    1. The included wax finish should last an exceedingly long time, and requires no care if kept indoors.  With potential exposure to the elements please contact the artist beforehand and additional wax will be supplied along with a suggested maintenance schedule.