Hawaiian Island Chain Wall Art Hanging and Care2018-08-26T00:40:58+00:00

Instructions for hanging the following Hawaii Island Chain wall art sets on drywall and wood walls:
24″x12″ (61×30.5cm)
36″ X 20″ (91.5x51cm)
45″X24″ (114x61cm)
(For reference the instructions picture a 45″ Koa Hawaii island chain)

Hanging our Hawaiian island chain wall art is easy and straightforward, moreover, they will hang within 1/16″ flush against the wall, and can be removed anytime.  The included hardware works well with drywall and wood walls, however, if you have cement please leave a note, and double sided tape can be included.  Please feel free to call or use the contact form with any of your questions.

  • Choose your location:

  • Center the template in your location and use masking tape to hang on wall:

  • use the drywall screw to mark the locations on the wall:


  • Remove template and put the nails flush into all the marks except for the big island location (far right).  Screw the drywall screw that was used to mark the locations on the wall, into the mark where the big island goes.  Be sure not to screw the drywall screw all the way in, but keep it off the wall far enough to go into the hole of the big island’s magnet:

  • Using the map on the template, arrange and orient the islands on the wall sticking the magnets on the nails:

Maintenance and Hanging Location

All island chains do not require any wax, oil, additional finish, or care. However, wood sets should be hung where they do not receive excessive sunlight, humidity, or temperature swings; such as those found in bathrooms, outdoors, etc. Metal clad sets can be hung almost anywhere, however, outdoor use isn’t advised and may require frequent maintenance.
(These hanging instructions were designed for Large sized sets, however, the steps are identical for Small, and Miniature sets)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me:
Joshua Martin
+1(808)640-8386 (call/text) between 6AM to 4PM HST.