Sizes Offered

  • 24″ Island Chain Size: 24″x12″ (61×30.5cm)
    Big Island Span: 5.6” (14.2cm)
  • 36″ Island Chain Size: 36″X20″ (91.5x51cm)
    Big Island Span: 8.75″ (22.2cm)
  • 45″ Island Chain Size: 45″X24″ (114x61cm)
    Big Island Span: 10.75″ (27.3cm)
  • 68″ Island Chain Size: 68″x40″ (173x102cm)
    Big Island Span:18.2″ (46cm)
  • Sizes apply when using the included hanging template and tightly “framing” the island chain in a rectangle.
  • If you were to take a Hawai’i state map with tight margins, unroll it, and hang it on your wall–that would be the size of your Hawaii wall art.
  • “Big Island Span” is where one would take a tape measure and find the longest length possible on the Big Island of Hawai’i in each island chain size.
  • If desired hanging template(s) can be ordered for a modest amount for sizing purposes which includes hanging hardware, instructions, and the selected size(s) chosen.

Hanging Location & Care

All island chains do not require any wax, oil, additional finish, or care.
However, wood sets should be hung where they do not receive excessive sunlight, humidity, or temperature swings;
such as those found in bathrooms, outdoors, etc.
Metal clad sets are more tolerant of such factors, however, it is advisable they are not hung outside, salt spray, or subjected to excessive humidity.