Which Hawaiian Island Is Most Beautiful?

We wanted to know which of the 8 Hawaiian Islands featured in our Hawaiian wall sculptures our clients found the most beautiful. Each island has its own perks, each has its own dangers… each of them is outstanding in their own way… but when it comes down to our Hawaiian Island Chain wall décor: which of the major ones is the most preferred?

How Do We Choose From Such Stunning Islands?

How can we choose between such wonderful islands? We looked at the overall shape of the Hawaii Island Chain carvings. The peaks and the valleys found in our Hawaiian wall hangings. We took into account the texture of the finish and the geometrical shapes therein. Since every one of our Hawaiian Island Chains in wood have a slightly different grain; the materials used were not considered.

We listed the perks of each of our islands below, so you can make an informed decision for yourself!

Hawaii – Also known as the Big Island, Hawaii is almost triangular in shape. It has four of the largest mountains in the whole island chain on it, which helps to make it the largest. Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Hualalai and Kaunu o Kaleihoohie are all found on the Big Island. Each of these peaks is represented in intricate detail in our Hawaiian island chain wall art set.

Maui – This is the second largest island in the chain and sports a few peaks of its own. Maui is a strange shape, almost split into two islands on one end. As ever, the mountains of Haleakala and Pu’u Kukui. The eastern slopes of this luscious island are scattered with bountiful rainforests and breath-taking waterfalls. Customers say they can almost breathe in the smell of the rain when they hang our Hawaiian wall art.

Kauai – The third largest of the Hawaiian Island Chain, Kauai has both the mountains of Kawaikini and Ha-upu at its core. These striking peaks are fully perfected by our artist in all of our Hawaiian wall art sculptures. Home to the Coconut Coast and more beaches than you can count: this amazing island is unique in that it is the most satisfyingly round.

Oahu – Shaped like an arrow head, the island of Oahu is home to the Ka’ala and Konahuanui mountains. It has a sort of ridged hilly region all down the center of its arrowhead form. Clients find this island the most satisfying to touch, reporting that running your fingers along the wood made it almost unbelievable that it had been carved from a single, sold, piece.

The Smaller Islands

We will cover the beauty of the smaller Hawaiian Islands in a further blog. For now, let’s take a few moments to ponder some of our favourite memories of Hawaii. Were you there for a Honeymoon, perhaps? Maybe you were there on vacation, or spending time with family. Whatever your cherished memories of Hawaii are; you can find them relived through the unique, intricate, and bespoke, carving of a Hawaiian Island wall art sculpture.