The Big Island of Hawai’i

Anyone who has visited the Hawaiian Island Chain has likely heard of the Big Island. It is the largest island in the chain whilst rural in comparison to Oahu or Maui, filled with vibrant life and sprinkled with gorgeous sandy beaches fit for relaxing in the hazy heat. From the graceful lines of Kealakekua Bay to the heady heights of Mauna Kea; this island is the largest known to the United States. Legend has it that Mauna Kea is even larger than Mount Everest… but if you have already seen the island then you already know the truth of this!

Everything – right down to the very tip of the island at Ka Lae, has been recreated in meticulous detail by our master craftsman. He takes tremendous amounts of satisfaction in ensuring that each detail on the island of Hawaii has been represented as accurately as is possible. He wants each groove Hawaiian Island wall sculpture set to be a trigger. Clients run their fingers over this groove and remember the earthen smell of the forest, or choose another groove to smell the salt in the sea air…

Hawaii: Home Décor so Precise it Reflects an Accurate Map!

Our Hawaiian wall art pieces are so precise in detail that you could use them as a Hawaii Island map! We want every piece to unlock memories, whether you invest in the single Big Island piece, or the whole chain of 8 large islands. Each of the islands is carved or molded to scale, depending on which material you choose.

Available in Koa or Mango Wood

These stunning Hawaiian Island chain wall sculptures are available in a wide range of materials. Favored among our clients is the protected Koa tree. This is an acacia wood that is known for rarity and is protected by law. You can harvest Koa wood only by waiting for the branches or an entire  to fall… so it is very scarce indeed.

Mango Wood is deep and flecked with lines of lighter wood. It as reddish tinge to it, although it is a dark wood. Mango trees can only be harvested for their timber after they have finished their fruit cycle. Every year, another layer grows around the core of the tree to create heartwood in the center of the trunk. It is this wood that has the most interesting patterns, and it is this wood our artist chooses to hand carve each Hawaiian Island.


Hawaiian Wall Art in Metal

You can also invest in some metallic Hawaiian wall décor, capable of making a feature or focal point in any room of the home. We don’t just sell artwork, we sell the memories of Hawaii; and those memories are easily reclaimed in the highs and lows of the island map set.

Choices of metal finishes include the gleam of bronze or the golden hue of copper. The solid silver of iron or the freshly polished chrome of aluminum. Whichever material you choose your Hawaiian Island will reach you in mint condition, and fantastically polished to an exceptional shine.


The Big Island is available in sizes 6, 9, or 11 inches which also includes hanging hardware for wood and drywall.
Moreover, the island is also sold as an entire Hawaiian island chain which includes a hanging template, hardware, and hanging instructions.

No matter which island pleases you most, you can find it through our pages. An investment in our Hawaiian wall art is an investment in your own past… or your own future. Perhaps the island on your wall is all of the inspiration you need to get saving for the trip of your dreams…