Why you need wall art

If you’ve any interest at all in interior décor – or, heck, even if you’re just looking to make your house look nice – then chances are you’ve already started looking at wall art.

And if you haven’t you really ought to. Why? Well, it’s simple; the walls are an absolutely essential aspect of décor, because they’re constantly in field of vision. No matter how carefully picked out your furniture, your carpeting, your lighting may happen to be, if your walls aren’t decorated pleasingly, it’s likely to completely compromise the whole look, as it’s going to be a big part of what everyone’s looking at most of the time.

Really, now, imagine if your house walls had never been painted – that they were just bare wood or drywall. The whole place, no matter how nicely decorated otherwise, would look like the builders just gave up halfway through. And, well, having a wall with no art? That’s really just one step above that.

Why Hawaiian wall art, though?

But, well, you don’t need to be told that. You’re probably here because you’ve already made up your mind to pick out some wall art. But what kind? Sure, most folks just stick to the ordinary stuff – picking out some wallpaper, hanging up a painting of some boats from the local art fair, the usual. But folks who take that approach really fail to consider just how profoundly diverse and colourful wall art can be. After all, art isn’t just paintings and patterns. Across the globe, there’s a whole world of styles and mediums to pick from, each one rooted in generations of cultural history, and each one with a unique look and feel.

And Hawaiian art, well, that’s a particularly rich pool of décor to dip into there. Modern Hawaiian art draws upon generations of indigenous and European influence, and boasts a truly breath-taking range of colourful works, from painting and prints to carvings and traditional masks. In short, no matter where in the world you may be, a piece of Hawaiian art on the wall can bring the idea of those sun-soaked tropical shores right into your home.

And why Hawaii Island Chain décor, in particular?

Even if you’ve made up your mind to put a bit of Hawaii on your walls, though, there’s still the matter of picking out precisely what piece of art to put up there. As we’ve mentioned, after all, Hawaii is a country with a rich artistic and cultural history, and there’s a whole world of mediums and styles out there to pick from.

But what sets our wall décor apart is two major things: its intricate craftsmanship, and the fact that it’s carved from Koa wood. Anyone with a rough understanding of wood carving could hew out some Hawaii-shaped bits from cheap wood; but being made from Koa is what truly links our décor to the beautiful Hawaiian isles. The trees from which this wood is sourced grow only in Hawaii; and with its rich range of colour, this wood, when treated and polished, has been compared to a halogen lamp.

It’s the sort of material that turns our décor from a novelty, to the sort of thing that lends the wall – and thus the room – an organic glow that draws on centuries of artistic tradition.