Our Hawaiian Island Wall Art

If you are interested in the intricate detail of our Hawaiian Island Wall art, but need a little help to decide which material you would like, then you have arrived in the correct place! Our Hawaiian home décor is exclusively designed to your specifications. You can choose between a variety of metals or woods to have your Hawaiian Islands wall sculpture created: and if either Koa wood or Mango wood aren’t to your tastes then Hawaiian Islands metal wall art could be the answer.

Let’s look at the different options for metal Hawaii wall art in more detail.

The Hawaii Island Chain in Copper

Copper is one of our very favorite metals because of the luxury and opulence of the finished model. When you receive your Hawaiian Islands wall sculpture in copper it will be polished to a high gleam, able to perk up any space with its solid, classic, finish. The copper wall art sculpture is striking in boldness, making an awe-inspiring centerpiece for any focal wall.

If you have deep, rich colors in the space you want the Hawaii wall art in then copper is an excellent choice. Don’t worry, if you don’t like the heady depths of golden hues then we also offer Hawaiian Islands metal wall art in silvery metals, too.

The Hawaiian Island Map in Iron

Iron is known for being tough, durable, long-lasting, and unlikely to ever need repaired–it is a classic and time tested material. When you use iron as a finish for Hawaiian island chain wall art you are left with a beautiful silver finish. This almost powdered finish creates an added layer to the Hawaii Island Map, best for memories of fragrant rainforests and tropical gardens.

The iron finish sculpture is a true testament to the steadfast culture of our islands. Cladding the Hawaii Island map in iron does it the justice it deserves. Volcanoes, earthquakes, and giant waves have tried to thwart the Hawaiian people… but they stand strong against it all… as strong, perhaps, as iron.

The Hawaiian Islands Wall Sculpture in Bronze

Bronze is a copper-based alloy that has a deeper orange hue than copper does. Bronze can look equally as golden when it has been hand polished to perfection by our artist. A Hawaii Island map in bronze will allow for a less striking wall sculpture. If you have a highly decorative room and you are looking for the perfect finishing piece; then we would suggest that the bronze would enhance your collection, where the copper might overpower it.

Hawaiian Islands Metal Wall Art in Aluminum

Aluminum provides a lustrous chrome finish that accentuates almost any space. The aluminum wall sculpture is favored by our business clients as it makes a fantastic, eye-catching piece that clients can enjoy. The high shine of the silver allows each peak and trough of the gorgeous Hawaiian Island Chain to stand out in more detail… and we just can’t get enough.

Whichever of our iconic Hawaiian Islands metal wall art pieces you choose, quality, craftsmanship, and native Hawaiian influence are all guaranteed. We pride ourselves on it. When you own a piece of our art, you will too.