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Hawaiian Home Decor: Consider a Hawaii Island Chain

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Hawaiian Home Decor Many of us save up for a lifetime for that dream trip to Hawaii – but why not bring Hawaii to your home with some home décor ideas that wouldn't look out of shape on the islands? Everyone can have a touch of the tropical when they indulge in a little imaginative decorating!   Hawaiian Home Decor Doesn't Need to be Difficult! In fact, there are a few décor arrangements that you will find commonly throughout the islands. Of course, most of Hawaii lives a very full outdoors life – but that doesn't mean that the islanders don't want quaint, comfortable homes to relax in at the end of a hard day. So what can you do to give your home that touch of the tropical? Let's take a closer look at some Hawaiian home décor ideas to find out! Hawaiian Home Decor To Die For! Hawaiian home [...]

The Hawaiian Island Chain

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The Hawaiian Island Chain The Hawaiian Island Chain is famed across the globe. It represents a tropical paradise, a getaway and a dream destination. For others it represents their roots, their culture and their heritage – no matter how far from home they stray. Here at JM Woodworking the Hawaiian Island Chain is one of our biggest inspirations, with each island treasured for its individual beauty, community and contribution. The Hawaiian Island Chain Is So Important To Us That We Made It Into Art We take particular pride in carving our sculptures of the islands from our native Koa and Mango woods. To capture the natural beauty of our Hawaiian Island Chain in wood, we hand select each piece for its grain, lines and gradients. We use our exquisite mixture of woods to make sure that each version of our finely crafted Hawaiian Island Chain wall art pieces are [...]