Which Major Hawaiian Island Is Most Beautiful?

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Which Hawaiian Island Is Most Beautiful? We wanted to know which of the 8 Hawaiian Islands featured in our Hawaiian wall sculptures our clients found the most beautiful. Each island has its own perks, each has its own dangers… each of them is outstanding in their own way… but when it comes down to our Hawaiian Island Chain wall décor: which of the major ones is the most preferred? How Do We Choose From Such Stunning Islands? How can we choose between such wonderful islands? We looked at the overall shape of the Hawaii Island Chain carvings. The peaks and the valleys found in our Hawaiian wall hangings. We took into account the texture of the finish and the geometrical shapes therein. Since every one of our Hawaiian Island Chains in wood have a slightly different grain; the materials used were not considered. We listed the perks of each of [...]

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The Big Island of Hawai’i

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The Big Island of Hawai'i Anyone who has visited the Hawaiian Island Chain has likely heard of the Big Island. It is the largest island in the chain whilst rural in comparison to Oahu or Maui, filled with vibrant life and sprinkled with gorgeous sandy beaches fit for relaxing in the hazy heat. From the graceful lines of Kealakekua Bay to the heady heights of Mauna Kea; this island is the largest known to the United States. Legend has it that Mauna Kea is even larger than Mount Everest… but if you have already seen the island then you already know the truth of this! Everything – right down to the very tip of the island at Ka Lae, has been recreated in meticulous detail by our master craftsman. He takes tremendous amounts of satisfaction in ensuring that each detail on the island of Hawaii has been represented as accurately [...]

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Hawaiian Island Map Wall Hangings – Choosing Your Metal

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Our Hawaiian Island Wall Art If you are interested in the intricate detail of our Hawaiian Island Wall art, but need a little help to decide which material you would like, then you have arrived in the correct place! Our Hawaiian home décor is exclusively designed to your specifications. You can choose between a variety of metals or woods to have your Hawaiian Islands wall sculpture created: and if either Koa wood or Mango wood aren’t to your tastes then Hawaiian Islands metal wall art could be the answer. Let’s look at the different options for metal Hawaii wall art in more detail. The Hawaii Island Chain in Copper Copper is one of our very favorite metals because of the luxury and opulence of the finished model. When you receive your Hawaiian Islands wall sculpture in copper it will be polished to a high gleam, able to perk up any [...]

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Hawaii Home Decor

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The importance of home décor Chances are that, having come here, you’ve already decided that your home needs a bit of life brought into it – put another way, the place needs to be made to look nicer. But still, it’s always worth reminding ourselves why we invest in nice things for our home. Simply put, home décor is, well, what turns a house into a home. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, or rich, or excessive, or even especially expensive; it simply needs to be something that you feel is aesthetically pleasing. For many of us, there’s few greater joys than picking out and matching up all those bits and pieces – the furniture and carpeting, the wallpaper and paint, the lighting and curtains – that come together to make up a home’s interior décor. It’s what makes our home its own, and defines what it is that we look [...]

Hawaiian Wall Art

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Why you need wall art If you’ve any interest at all in interior décor – or, heck, even if you’re just looking to make your house look nice – then chances are you’ve already started looking at wall art. And if you haven’t you really ought to. Why? Well, it’s simple; the walls are an absolutely essential aspect of décor, because they’re constantly in field of vision. No matter how carefully picked out your furniture, your carpeting, your lighting may happen to be, if your walls aren’t decorated pleasingly, it’s likely to completely compromise the whole look, as it’s going to be a big part of what everyone’s looking at most of the time. Really, now, imagine if your house walls had never been painted – that they were just bare wood or drywall. The whole place, no matter how nicely decorated otherwise, would look like the builders just gave up [...]

Hawaiian Home Decor: Consider a Hawaii Island Chain

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Hawaiian Home Decor Many of us save up for a lifetime for that dream trip to Hawaii – but why not bring Hawaii to your home with some home décor ideas that wouldn't look out of shape on the islands? Everyone can have a touch of the tropical when they indulge in a little imaginative decorating!   Hawaiian Home Decor Doesn't Need to be Difficult! In fact, there are a few décor arrangements that you will find commonly throughout the islands. Of course, most of Hawaii lives a very full outdoors life – but that doesn't mean that the islanders don't want quaint, comfortable homes to relax in at the end of a hard day. So what can you do to give your home that touch of the tropical? Let's take a closer look at some Hawaiian home décor ideas to find out! Hawaiian Home Decor To Die For! Hawaiian home [...]

The Hawaiian Island Chain

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The Hawaiian Island Chain The Hawaiian Island Chain is famed across the globe. It represents a tropical paradise, a getaway and a dream destination. For others it represents their roots, their culture and their heritage – no matter how far from home they stray. Here at JM Woodworking the Hawaiian Island Chain is one of our biggest inspirations, with each island treasured for its individual beauty, community and contribution. The Hawaiian Island Chain Is So Important To Us That We Made It Into Art We take particular pride in carving our sculptures of the islands from our native Koa and Mango woods. To capture the natural beauty of our Hawaiian Island Chain in wood, we hand select each piece for its grain, lines and gradients. We use our exquisite mixture of woods to make sure that each version of our finely crafted Hawaiian Island Chain wall art pieces are [...]

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