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 Besides selling artist direct online I have galleries on the Big Island and Kaui.
Also, If you wish to see a detailed account of reviews and sales from a third party–or prefer shopping with Etsy please feel free to check out my Etsy Shop.

This business venture was started in 2012, when I had an interest in making the Hawaiian Island Chain from Koa wood. Fast forward a few years, add in a thousand plus hours of trial and error, and you have this website that showcases my endeavor. As now there I make island chains from Koa Wood and also in a metal clad finish. I have had tremendous feedback from the local community and have launched this website to share my products. Also, in addition to this website I have an Etsy Store which showcases up to date customer feedback, reviews and sales history. My attention to detail, and quest for perfection–has paid off with the completion of many beautiful one of a kind creations.


I strive to produce products that meet the definition of perfection. Nothing is perfect, but I know if things are “perfect” enough that nobody can criticize my work, I will never have issues in regards to quality. Shipping on time, adding extra insurance, tracking, and excellent packaging, are things I do to ensure a satisfied customer. I find that timely communication is best and I usually reply to inquiries, or other emails within hours.

I love to personalize my work and am willing to work with you. If you want a specific piece from a set, I can sell you that piece or make a similar one. If you have a particular wood in mind I will handpick a beautiful piece for you. Also, I am able to create custom signs, or typically anything else you can think of. So by all means inquire about what you would like, and we can work together to meet your desires.