The Hawaiian island chain is known for its exciting tourist destinations, gorgeous beaches, and incredible biodiversity.
In fact, most (if not all) visitors to these islands become spellbound by their beauty and simplicity.
Artwork representing the archipelago is therefore plentiful, from the tasteful koa wood carving to the less tasteful mass-produced fridge magnet.

The work created and sold here is made from Koa wood, a type of wood that is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands; along with select hardwoods such as Mango wood and rich clad metals.
Koa wood is known for being made into gorgeous pieces of furniture and finely tuned musical instruments such as ukuleles and
I take this wood and make it into beautiful wood artwork that represent the Hawaiian Island Chain. 

For those favoring a different aesthetic bronze, copper, and iron clad Hawaiian islands are offered.

No detail is spared either: Hawai’i, Maui, O’ahu,Kaua’i, Molokaʻi, Lānaʻi, Niʻihau, and Kahoʻolawe are all part of my Hawaiian island chains.
I ensure that they are finely carved and hand finished to get as close to a representation of real life as possible.
I take great pride in the Koa wood art that I create, as it is my aim for you to be proud enough to showcase these custom made island chains in a place that is important to you.

For many, taking a piece of Koa wall art home means taking a piece of the islands with them.
Casual tourists who come for the sandy beaches and upscale resorts want something authentic to remember their stay by.
Backpackers and hikers want to relish in the memories of the islands’ many waterfalls and diverse forests.
Locals simply want a visual reminder of how great their home is, its beauty immortalized in a piece of Koa wood décor.
There are many different reasons that people want a piece of the Hawaiian archipelago in their lives,
and I take great lengths to make sure that I capture the stunning natural simplicity of these islands.

 Koa isn’t the only type of wood that I work with, however.
Crafting these islands from wood means representing them with all types of wood that are endemic to the Hawaiian Island Chain,
including mango and monkeypod wood–in addition to select clad metals and patinas. In fact, each piece of koa, mango, monkeypod,
or any wood of your choosing is hand selected to capitalize on each piece’s natural beauty.
Capturing the essence of these islands means properly selecting the natural resources with which to do so.
After all, it would be a disservice to their beauty if these wooden art pieces were created with something like particle board.

Own a piece of the Aina and capture the essence of the islands with a finely crafted Koa wood sculpture.